On February 5, Samara region Governor, Dmitry Azarov, met with representatives of IT companies.

Management of our company talked about development of autonomous intelligent systems for enterprise resource management for the already emerging Industry 5.0. It is characterized by cooperation of Artificial Intelligence and people in enterprise management.

Our company briefly presented the following main results of 2018:

• introduction of Smart Factory into pilot operation at Irkut Corporation for assembly of medium-haul MS-21 airplanes;

• successful completion of a project for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on Smart Projects at the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia together with Samara University ;

• introduction of Smart Railways in pilot operation together with VNIIAS to return trains to the schedule on the Moscow Central Ring(500 thousand passengers per day);

• implementation of Smart Trucks in Coca-Cola and Smart Field Services in two large energy enterprises: United Energy CompanyMoscow and Slavneft;

• launching the project for Moscow Architecture Committee on analyzing plans for building Moscow districts and making recommendations for resolving conflicts;

• winning the Contest by Skolkovo Foundation and Gazprom Neft for development of a pilot version of smart system for drilling management;

• the first project to create an industrial “Swarm of Satellites” together with VNIEM/CTT Group and Skoltech;

• establishing a company in Finland and accessing investment fund for Scale-Ups to create SaaS versions of our products in the European Union;

• opening cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics, Robotics and Informatics in the Czech Republic on grant proposals for Horizon 2020 and commercial projects.

It was also proposed to develop Artificial Intelligence Development Program for informing Samara enterprises and entering the federal and international market in cooperation between universities, RAS institutes and technological IT companies.



In general, the meeting, which lasted for more than three hours, was held in the form of a constructive dialogue and will certainly lead to development of the discussed ideas and projects.

We thank our Governor and Government for invitation to this meeting!

More details about this meeting (in Russian)