1. System analysis of the enterprise to determine the problems of resource efficiency

Our managers and specialists have experience in diagnosing typical and specific problems of efficient resource management, and possess approaches, methods and means of solving such problems.

  1. Development and adaptation of the «Efficient Enterprise»™ methodology for your enterprise

We offer a new management methodology «Efficient Enterprise»™, which allows companies to move from a linear and matrix structure — to a network organization that is open to innovation, flexible and efficient.

The developed methodology presents new models, methods and algorithms of network management based on principles of self-organization, in which employees (managers, foremen and workers) do not work «under the whiplash», but are perfectly motivated and compete for tasks that provide differentiated payment depending on the final result.

Relationships such as «boss-subordinate» are replaced by the relationship «demand-resource», making it possible to create effective teams of actors (or leaders) of various departments and reach agreement with all participants. Thus, each competent employee is no longer a “slave” of his or her department and can compete relatively freely for orders in the virtual market of the enterprise and receive unlimited salary.

This methodology is supported by a set of proposed accompanying regulatory documents of the enterprise: regulations on project management, methods for evaluating the efficiency of managers, regulations on motivation and bonuses, etc.

This kit is finalized and adapted for each enterprise, taking into account its specifics, corporate culture and people’s willingness to change.

To support this new methodology, we have developed a real-time smart resource management system for coordinated planning and decision support at all levels.

Application of the proposed methodology in conjunction with the developed system can increase efficiency of resource use by 20-40%.

We provide customization of system operation logic for your enterprise and support of its application, including technical support, training and certification of specialists.


  1. Implementation of the «Efficient Enterprise»™ and smart resource management system at your enterprise

Enterprise management reform and introduction of IT technologies is a complex creative process in which every detail is important.

We not only provide implementation of a new management methodology, but also accompany this process, as well as prepare trainers and their mentors.

We always work towards the result and will be glad to cooperate with you!