Video about our company for the TechnoPark program on the national Russia24 TV channel — the essence of multi-agent technology and our systems (in Russian)


Chief Designer Station of multi-agent systems for resource management: a swarm of satellites (in English)


Swarm of Satellites

Swarm of Drones

Smart Projects

Multi-agent Scheduler: Adaptive scheduling of tasks to resources

Knowledge Base: digital production model

Demo video on project management (in Russian)

The Smart Projects system for managing multiple projects in a single pool of engineers (in Russian)

R&D project management for Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (in Russian)

 Smart Factory

IRKUT Corporation: End-to-end production scheduling (in Russian)

Smart Supply Chains

Multi-agent supply chain management system for Coca-Cola in Germany: 5 factories, 300 storage warehouses and approximately 1000 stores (in Russian)

Multi-agent system for managing supply of building materials for Gazprom Neft in Yamal (in Russian)

 Smart Trucks

Glideron — a unique robot for monitoring underwater, sea, air and land areas (in Russian)


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