VI International Summit «Smart Production Systems»


The international summit «Smart Production Systems» was held on April 5-6, 2018 for the sixth time in Sochi in the «Imeretinsky» hotel.

The summit is dedicated to lean management and innovation management technologies, which have emerged within the digital industry.


There can be no doubt that lean technologies remain the basis for organizing production in any industry. However, they are not enough for beating the competition, improving quality and speeding up development of new competitive products and introducing them to the markets.

Traditional management methods are replaced by smart resource management technologies that can autonomously function in interaction with the environment and with their users, respond quickly to important events, flexibly and adaptively plan and reschedule their work, and continuously monitor achievement of results, predict emergence of problem situations and eliminate their causes in due time.


Petr Skobelev, technology leader of “Knowledge Genesis Group”, was invited to take part in the summit and make a presentation about our developments in smart systems for resource scheduling and allocation in real time based on multi-agent technologies, knowledge bases and ontologies.

The most useful asset and competitive advantage of any company are relations and teamwork, big data analytics, inter-industry interaction, cooperation between companies, departments, suppliers and consumers.

The leading specialists, scientists and practitioners from Russia, Singapore, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden shared innovative knowledge and presented practical cases on reforming production systems from traditional models to lean SMART enterprises, innovative enterprise management models combining lean management and digital technologies for real-time management, the use of industrial Internet and artificial intelligence technology for solving complex problems in conditions of uncertainty and predictability.

Participants of the summit could attend interactive events and test-drive the latest technologies for decision-making under uncertainty conditions, receive practical recommendations on creating units for efficiently solving «unresolved» problems at their enterprises, as well as about formation of unified corporate values and methods of involving workers in the continuous process of creating innovations, etc.