In March 2019, our company successfully completed the last, fourth stage of the project for development of an automated system for support of applied scientific research for one of our largest customers, Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. It is the leading Russian aerospace enterprise engaged in development of space and rocket systems, as well as other high-tech systems for various purposes, including different uses in non-space spheres. The system is already in commercial operation.

Within this project, our company has developed a multi-agent system for optimal planning of space experiments within the long-term program of scientific and applied research for the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS RS). This was made possible thanks to solving the problem of building and adapting the plan of space experiments in accordance with incoming events.


The purpose of the system is to automate the process of forming and executing programs of applied scientific research on the ISS RS. It consists in preparing space experiments, maintaining the registry of scientific equipment, preparing short-term, staged and long-term programs of scientific and applied research on the ISS RS, developing and supporting projects of space experiments, as well as forming analytical and internal reports.

In addition, the project provides integration with the corporate data storage, the IMS equipment inventory system, the Windchill design documentation storage system, and data import on space experiments that have been previously performed.