Smart Field Services is designed to manage mobile teams of the enterprise and is one of the most developed and high-demand products of our company. The product is completely ready for mass replication. The system is in industrial operation for many of our customers and has shown good results in various fields: gas services, public utilities, water supply, maintenance of heating systems and power grids.

Within the contract, the product will be introduced in the United Energy Company and will allow for more efficient management of all emergency teams maintaining the power network in Moscow.

United Energy Company is one of the largest electric grid companies in Moscow, which is engaged in development, operation and reconstruction of electrical networks owned by the city. The company provides transmission and distribution of electricity, and builds new electrical networks.

The system will cover workplaces of the dispatching service and mobile teams through a specialized mobile application. Aggregation of real-time status data will provide operational information for managers at all levels, who are involved in the network maintenance process.

A significant economic effect is expected. It will be expressed in the increased number of completed orders for one team and resource savings on optimizing brigade routes. The system will also contribute to improving the quality of order execution due to a faster response and improvement in accounting of the collected information on work results.