We are glad to announce that our company participated in the 25th Anniversary Welcoming Ceremony and Opening Sessions of the Annual Eurasian — American Innovation Technology Week, which took place on September 23, 2020, at the Mayor’s Reception Room in Philadelphia City Hall.


The Opening Sessions featured a multi-country delegation, along with panels presenting new innovation technology developments by Eurasian and American companies.

Discussion focused on a whole range of topics, including information technology, biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, life sciences, alternative energy, nanotechnology, the chemical industry, educational technology, and entrepreneurship.


Petr Skobelev, the President of Knowledge Genesis Group of Companies, was kindly invited to take part in Session 3 and made the presentation ”Towards Industry 5.0: Artificial Intelligence for managing resources in real time”.

The report was devoted to digital eco-systems of AI systems for resource management with the use of knowledge bases and multi-agent technology. Prof. Skobelev mentioned some applications of our AI solutions for Airbus, Lego and Cola-Cola Germany, as well as for Russian airspace industry, factories, trucks and railways. The presentation showed how the developed solutions and technologies trigger a shift to Industry 5.0 and also accelerate digital transformation of enterprise management to Society 5.0. The new generation of Enterprises 5.0 are already transforming themselves from hierarchies – to networks, from top-down instructions – to negotiations, from centralization – to talent-centric communities with results-based payments, knowledge dividends, etc.

Participation in this Congress brought us the possibility to meet industry leaders, clients and partners with domain expertise who are interested in AI innovations and breakthrough results.

Our company was invited upon the kind recommendation of Olga Andreeva, Director of Japan Center Kaizen, organizer of International Summit «Intelligent Production Systems» (link: https://www.leansummit.net/kopiya-glavnaya). We will be glad to continue our cooperation within the next Summit in 2021, which will be held within the International Innovation Technology Week and will certainly become a global platform for exchange of best practices and latest developments.