From September 28 to October 3, 2015 in Gelendzhik district, Divnomorskoe 8th Russian multiconference dedicated to the management problems (ICCS- 2015) took place.

Traditionally the results of fundamental and applied researches in the field of management processes and their applications in various fields of human activity were discussed at the ICCS.

In this year Multiconference consisted of three local scientific and technical conferences:

— Management of intellectual, ergatic and organizational systems;

— Robotics and Mechatronics;

— Management of distributed and networked systems.

KG annually takes part in the conference and in 2015 presented 4 reports.

One of them «Planning of the group of spacecrafts for remote sensing of the earth with use the multi-agent of technologies « was recognized as the best report of the conference.


с. Дивноморск