Irkut Corporation has published a press release on their official website about successful completion of an important stage in development of our adaptive planning system for aggregate and final assembly lines of the MS-21 aircraft.


Here is the news article:


Irkut Corporation implements multi-agent technology

Irkut Corporation is actively working on launching mass production of the MS-21 passenger airliner. Phase by phase, we are reaching the planned level of 72 aircrafts per year, which required organization of flow-production at the aggregate and final assembly lines of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of the Corporation. At the same time, the enterprise is implementing a smart system for planning and controlling production processes in detail, analyzing unforeseen events, evaluating their impact on the assembly process and conducting adaptive re-scheduling in real time.

The system is based on multi-agent technology. It provides synchronized operation of autonomous software agents, representing tens of thousands of co-operating “digital twins” of production orders, final products, units and their components, human resources, technological equipment and tools.

The smart system consists of two subsystems: the first one is for integrated planning and modeling, and the second one is for managing the production schedule of aircraft assembly.

Currently, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant is testing the subsystem for integrated planning and modeling of the MS-21 production program. During these tests, the subsystem has built an aircraft production program that provides for a 12-fold increase in production volumes. The subsystem takes into account bill of components, technological processes, labor intensity of operations, available equipment, composition of shifts and a number of other parameters. It makes it possible to visualize the generated nomenclature plan, conduct modeling of its implementation and perform assessment of the impact of unforeseen events and deviations on the final delivery dates.

In parallel with these tests, specialists have begun developing the second subsystem for managing the production schedule of aircraft assembly. It can build shift-daily tasks for foremen and workers of the aggregate and final assembly lines and monitor execution of the enlarged production program in real time.

The smart system for adaptive planning of the MS-21 production is developed and tested by specialists of Irkut Corporation and the software engineering company Smart Solutions, which specializes in developing artificial intelligence systems for real-time resource management.


We are proud to be cooperating with the leading Russian aircraft manufacturing company and are happy that our multi-agent system helps create the new “XXI Century main-line aircraft” — the first airliner made entirely according to the Western standards, taking into account global trends and real market demand.