The multi-functional autonomous surface-submarine device “Glideron”, created by our employees together with specialists from Samara State Technical University, has been recognized as one of the best innovative projects in Russia.

It all began in autumn of 2017, when the development team of Software Engineering Company Network-Centric Platforms (Knowledge Genesis Group of Companies) together with specialists of Design Bureau TalismanMAKO Corporation and scientists of Samara State Technical University started work on creating an experimental model of a unique marine robot Glideron.


«Glideron» is a marine-aircraft complex for monitoring underwater, marine, air and land areas.
Project manager, deputy director of the Institute of Defense Research and Development at Samara State Technical University, Alexander Mochalkin, explained that Glideron can work both under water and on its surface, executing the tasks of operational monitoring of water areas of seas and rivers, as well as coastal territories, solving problems of ecology, hydrology, hydrography, and hydrophysics. The device can also be used to research the bed of rivers, search for sunken objects, protect bridges and dams, and for a number of other tasks.
In order to fully appreciate uniqueness and complexity of this development, we welcome you to watch the TV report on Glideron on Russia 24 channel:

Just one year after the development began, Glideron began winning its first awards:
— the project won the All-Russian competition in marine robotics «Aquarobotech-2018» in Vladivostok;
— it also won the second place at the international military-technical forum «Army-2018», where more than 26 thousand units of machinery and weapons were presented!

Глайдерон на Армии+.jpg

Our mini-aircraft carrier has already aroused much interest among the Russian military, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives from China, Japan and India.
We are sure that Glideron has promising future. Bon voyage!