In March 2019, our company successfully completed the final stage of a project on development of Adaptive Simulator (AS). This system is used for formation and refreshment of skills of situational decision-making support for specialists of the Main operational control group of one of our largest customers, Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. It is the leading Russian aerospace enterprise engaged in development of space and rocket systems, as well as other high-tech systems for various purposes, including different uses in non-space spheres.

Adaptive Simulator is designed to conduct single and team trainings for specialists of the Main operational control group to counter possible emergency and abnormal situations in order to increase and consolidate professional skills.

The system makes it possible to:
• Increase efficiency of actions in case of abnormal and emergency situations;
• Work out communication skills of specialists for solving complex problems in a team;
• Describe and work out various scenarios for development of abnormal and emergency situations, complementing them with knowledge of various specialists;
• Improve the quality and efficiency of decisions made;
• Reduce costs of training, at the same time maintaining the high quality of specialists training;
• Assess the level of preparedness of specialists and formation of training plans based on these data.


The main control room for the Russian Segment of the International Space Station

In spring 2019, the system was put into commercial operation. Moreover, our company established strong partnership with Rocket and Space Corporation Energia aimed at development and application of the most advanced smart technologies in the aerospace industry.