A prestigious publishing company “Elsevier” issued a new book about multi-agent technology «Industrial Agents», written by the leading experts and edited by Paulo Leitao and Stamatis Karnouskos.

“Industrial Agents” explains how multi-agent systems improve collaborative networks to offer dynamic service changes, customization, improved quality and reliability, and flexible infrastructure. Learn how these platforms can offer distributed intelligent management and control functions with communication, cooperation and synchronization capabilities, and also provide for the behavior specifications of the smart components of the system. The book offers not only an introduction to industrial agents, but also clarifies and positions the vision, on-going efforts, example applications, assessment and roadmap applicable to multiple industries. This edited work is guided and co-authored by leaders of the IEEE Technical Committee on Industrial Agents who represent both academic and industry perspectives and share the latest research along with their hands-on experiences prototyping and deploying industrial agents in industrial scenarios.

Chapter 12 “Multi-Agent Systems for real-time adaptive resource management” provides description of planning models and methods using multi-agent technology. It also describes multi-agent platform developed by our company as well as resource management systems based on it at machine-building enterprises, logistics companies and in other fields.

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