In March 2019, our company successfully completed the final stage of a project on development of Smart Automated Decision Support System based on multi-agent technologies for one of our largest customers, Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. It is the leading Russian aerospace enterprise engaged in development of space and rocket systems, as well as other high-tech systems for various purposes, including different uses in non-space spheres.

The purpose of creating the decision support system is to increase the level of safety for the International Space Station (ISS) and its crew by improving efficiency of operations of the shift of the Main operational control group in case of an emergency situation.
To achieve this goal, the system uses information stored in the operational control loop, for making decisions in an emergency situation, as well as for modeling and evaluating decision options.

The developed system provides the following:
• A comprehensive view of the situation onboard the ISS so that the displayed information is clear and sufficient for making efficient decisions to parry the situation;
• Predicting development of the situation through process modeling;
• Automating input of non-instrumental information (messages of the crew and actions taken by specialists of the Main operational control group) and storing this data in the system;
• Adaptive development and visualization of recommendations for parrying emergencies.


Schematic representation of ISS configuration during an emergency situation

In spring 2019, the system was put into commercial operation. Moreover, our company established strong partnership with Rocket and Space Corporation Energia aimed at development and application of the most advanced smart technologies in the aerospace industry.