Springer, a well-known international publishing house, recently published its 2017 report, including the top-list of 50% most downloaded electronic publications from the Springer collection. Among them we were happy to find proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems» (HoloMAS 2013), held in Prague, Czech Republic, August 26-28, 2013. One of the editors of this book is Prof. Petr Skobelev.


The book includes 2 plenary reports and 25 sectional reports from different thematic sections: multi-agent systems (MAS) in the field of automation and production; design and modeling of MAS; MAS in transport systems; industrial applications of MAS; trends in development of multi-agent systems.

During the four years since its publishing, from 2013 to 2017, the book was downloaded 33,723 times:

  • 2017 — 5 141,
  • 2016 — 5 964,
  • 2015 — 6,686,
  • 2014 — 9,998,
  • 2013 — 5 934.

The number of downloads of the book reached 35,128 at the end of April 2018.


The book «Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems» (HoloMAS 2013), edited by Prof. Petr Skobelev, is also presented on the home page, which makes it accessible to search engines and expands the readership. In 2017, as many as 755 people visited this page.


* Springer Science + Business Media (until 1999 — Springer-Verlag) is an international publishing company specializing in publishing academic journals and books on natural sciences (theoretical science, medicine, economics, engineering, architecture, construction and transport).


The company today includes 70 publishing houses around the world with a total number of employees over 5000 people. More than 1,450 magazine titles and 5,000 book titles are published annually. Total sales in 2005 amounted to €838 million. All this makes Springer the second largest publishing house in the world after Elsevier in the field of «STM» (science, technology, medicine).