On November 26, 2015, our company participated in the conference “Innovations and IT-solutions in the aerospace industry”. The conference was dedicated to cooperation issues in rocket and space industry, development and organization of IT-sector in the aerospace industry. The conference was organized by URSC (United Rocket and Space Corporation) and FDII (Foundation for Development of Internet Initiatives).

The aim of the conference was to show the plans and needs of the space industry, and to enable technology companies to communicate with industry leaders.

One of the speakers of the event was Petr Skobelev, who made a presentation on the topic «Industry 5.0 — on the way to intelligent real-time enterprise» about the experience of implementing innovative IT solutions in the Rocket and Space Enterprise «Energia».

“Industry 5.0 — on the way to the intelligent real-time enterprise.”

Read more about the event: https://iidf-pr.timepad.ru/event/267956/