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Professor Petr Skobelev (born in 1960) is the founder, president and product/technology leader of the Group of companies “Knowledge Genesis” in Samara, Russia. He is specializing on complex systems and multi-agent technology.

Prof. Skobelev graduated from Computer Science Department of Samara Aerospace University in 1983 and obtained a PhD degree in Functional Programming Languages and Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace Applications in 1986. He is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Control of Complex Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Professor of Multi-Agent Systems at a number of universities in Samara.

Between 1983 and 1991 Petr Skobelev was senior scientist and chief developer of real-time measurement and control systems, image processing systems, intelligent simulators and expert systems for Samara Branch of Institute of Physics and Institute of Complex Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

At the beginning of Perestroika, in 1990, he met Professor George Rzevski from London and they started collaborative research and design projects in the area of multi-agent systems. This collaboration led to Petr’s intense entrepreneurial activity. He started his first business, ArtLog Ltd in Samara, developing intelligent tutoring systems and learning environments and then, in 1997, Knowledge Genesis Ltd, also in Samara, a software company specializing in multi-agent e-Government applications.

In 1999, George Rzeski and Petr Skobelev founded Magenta Corporation Ltd in London, UK, with a software development branch in Samara, the company that is still successfully developing multi-agent software for large-scale industrial applications. The partnership worked rather well and after they left Magenta Corporation, they expanded to Germany and the USA and considerably increased the UK and Russian business, transferring it to Multi-Agent Technology Ltd and Smart Solutions Ltd, respectively.

In 2012 Smart Solutions won IP project in FP7 EU Program “Smart Factories” together with EADS and Airbus, Cologne University, Prague University, Manchester University, Politechnik Institute of Braganca and partners from other countries.

In 2013 Smart Solutions was recognized as one of the most innovative and fast growing companies in Russia. The award was given by the Association of Innovative Regions in Russia and Russian Venturing Company. The assessment was performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Petr’s research interests include multi-agent platforms and applications as well as emergent intelligence. He has authored more than 150 publications and, jointly with Prof. George Rzevski, has three UK and international patents on multi-agent systems for logistics, dynamic data mining and semantic processing.

Petr Skobelev is a member of IEEE IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents (

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